I miss you when you’re gone.

Right in front of me, you’re gone

and I miss you and you are here.

Can you hear?

Me, I’m sitting here sharing my heart with you.

In my eyes, but you’re gone

come back to me


Connect with me. I don’t speak English.

Go deeper, communicate with me.

Better, completely, deeper.

Aren’t you eventually going to miss me?

You are right now, and I’m right in front of you.

But you’re gone, right in front of me.

Come back to me

I miss you when you’re gone and everything I see is without you.



There was a warning sign at one point

but the edges keep changing.

It seems like strong footing when I’m walking

until it doesn’t.

The air is strong, and thick

full of flies.

How do I know where to step in here?

The depths change so quickly

and I am…



Heath Sherratt

Heath Sherratt

Progressive by character, adventurous by necessity, and honorable by virtue.